Adriana Lima Gets Wicked Crazy Sultry for Victoria’s Secret

Nothing says, hang in there, Spring is just around the corner, quite like the sight of Adriana Lima in sultry evening bedroom wear. Well, it does for me at least. In fact, Adriana Lima in her bra and panties is really the best way to say just about anything important.

The Brazilian lingerie hot bodied bombshell has been dazzling our peepers for a solid decade now. When I think about how much joy she's brought me in that time period, I want to write her a thank you letter or another creepy stalker note or something special. She really is a world class brunette beauty. Oh, to be the clasp on her bra for just one day. Dare to dream. Enjoy.

Did You Make the Lindsay Lohan Sex List?

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan wrote down a list of everyone she's ever had sex with. At least, everybody she remembers, including a number of rather commonly conjugal type Hollywood prolific cocksmen.

If you're so inclined, you can head over to WWTDD to see the Lindsay Lohan sex list and see if you or somebody you know made the cut. Of course, you should already know if your name is on there I'd think. Enjoy.

Jess Kingham Returns Her Epic Teats in the Form of Visual Treats


I've really missed super bodacious Britty hottie Jess Kingham. I'm not sure where glamour models go when they're on long hiatus, but I like to imagine it's a tropical island filled with topless curvaceous women who tan by day and make passionate group love by evenings. It could be true.

Jess Kingham has the kind of body that inspires men to do great things. Or super foolish things. Or both. It's just damn inspiring. Her boobtastic makes me feel special all over. I wish I could point out to the most special places in person, but I'd probably get slapped. Which would make me feel even more special. Jess, do you see the awesome shame spiral you've sent me down with that passion inducing body of yours? I'm truly innocent. Enjoy.

Rumer Willis Shows Off Two Perky Cheeks of Booty Goodness in Stretch Pants

Wow, this wasn't exactly expected. Rumer Willis is not all that shy about showing off when she takes to getting into some more exhibitionist moments, but rarely have we seen her rear side so cheeky before in blessed stretch pants. And might I add, jolly good show, Rumer.

Rumer has been both blessed and cursed in the Bruce Willis offspring department I suppose. Sure, there's the lifestyle and the Demi Moore genes, but the Willis jawline has been likely dominating genetic traits for centuries now. Still, I shall never disrespect a young woman with a squeezable keester. It is a treasure to, um, treasure. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Flashing Long Tall Legs at L.A. Fashion Week

Fashion is boring. There, I said it. It's out there now, I can't take it back. Skin is exciting. I'm never taking that back. So fashion becomes at least tolerable when the hottie likes of Joanna Krupa is showing off her long legs in a high slit skirt at L.A. Fashion Week.

I'd rather watch paint dry, all seven coats, then ever be forced to listen to anybody discuss hot new fashion trends, but I suppose I could listen to the Spotify that plays in my mind and tune out the conversation were I aside Joanna in that stem-complimenting outfit. I can attest to Joanna looking just in smoking hot in person as on camera. I'd someday like to attest to how great her thighs taste in that same regard. Still efforting. Enjoy.

Fernanda Uesler and Her Perfected Bikini Body Are Back Playing Beach Volleyball

We saw Fernanda Uesler working out on the beach yesterday, today she's involved in more aerobic and muscle training by way of some intense beach volleyball action along the Miami shoreline. She's Brazilian, so you know right off the bat she's going to look amazing in a bikini and also be a ringer volleyballer. They do grow their tall hot setters and spikers down Brazil way.

There's really never been a fine sport invented than women's beach volleyball. I sure do love me some NFL, but if my executioner gives me 30 minutes of last sporting event to watch, I might just go with hottie Latinas in bikinis bumping the ball around the sand in their booty clinging bikinis. That or pro bowling. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Cleavage Is Still Ranking High on the Leering Charts

Kim Kardashian may not be the major media empire queen she once was, or maybe she still is, I don't really check, but she surely still has the big bodacious cleavetastic to flash around town when she needs the cameras trained down there for maximum attention.

Kim's in Miami doing something super important, perhaps for the government or E!, and she took the opportunity to let a good amount of her chestal assets visually flow for the gentleman oglers and paparazzi in the area. Some people say Kim shows off her funbags too much. I say the alternative is hearing her speak. Three cheers for the quiet funbags! Enjoy.